This session will simply be a conversation regarding your child's developmental history, needs, and your current concerns.  The psychologist will work collaboratively with you to identify the goals of the consultations. You will also get the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the therapeutic or assessment process.

It is recommended that the initial 50-minute appointment be a session between the psychologist and parents/carers. Attending this session without your child enables you to openly discuss your concerns and goals. 


Sessions with the child are conducted using evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, social and emotional skills training, psychoeducation, mindfulness, and play. The sessions are planned and modified based on the child's age, development and targeted goals. 

Therapy sessions typically run for 50-minute.  The frequency and number of sessions required depend on the presenting concerns and goals.  These goals will be reviewed during the course of our work in order to assess and/or modify the focus of the sessions according to your needs. 


Assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Specific Learning Disorders, Intellectual Disability, cognitive (IQ) or educational concerns involve between one to three assessment sessions (1.5-2 hours each) with the child. Parents are required to complete questionnaires and forms to gain their perspectives of the child's behaviours. Assessment may also involve discussions with the school and/or classroom observation.

Following the assessments, a comprehensive report including recommendations for both home and kinder/school will be written. A feedback session to discuss the assessment results and recommendations will then follow. 


Parent/family support sessions are 50-minute appointments. Through the sessions, parents are supported to better understand child and brain development, their child's presentation and how the child's diagnosis impacts on their daily functioning and behaviours.  The clinician will work collaboratively with the parents to problem solve and support their child's individual needs.


As psychologists, we are bound by the legal requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988.  Growing Minds and Connections complies with the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics regarding Confidentiality (Section A.5.2), as adopted by the Psychology Board of Australia.  This states that client confidentiality must be maintained with the exceptions related to legal obligations and duty of care. Information pertaining to diagnosis and treatment suggestions will be provided to the referring GP/ Paediatrician as required by Medicare. 

Parental consent is required for assessments, therapy, and sharing of information with other professionals involved in the care of the child.