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Autism and other developmental/ behavioural concerns

A behavioural assessment is usually conducted following concerns regarding the child’s behaviour. Assessments can be important to identify the underlying issues that are impacting a child’s behaviour, to inform educational and therapeutic planning, to provide an avenue for the child’s difficulties to be understood or to meet the requirements for school-based or NDIS funding.

A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) requires a multidisciplinary team assessment.  The referral for an ASD assessment is provided by a Paediatrician or a Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist.  The diagnostic process include an in-depth interview with parent, ADOS-2 assessment with the child, and other rating scales for educators and parents.  A kindergarten/ school observation may also be required. 

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Cognitive (IQ) & Educational

A cognitive assessment is an IQ test which provides an indication of the child's strengths and weaknesses in the areas of verbal, visual-spatial, fluid reasoning, working memory and processing speed.  A cognitive assessment in conjunction with other assessments may contribute to a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability.  

An educational assessment is an achievement test which provides an indication of the child's strengths and weaknesses in reading, writing, spelling and maths.  Results may inform educational placement, appropriate intervention or contribute to diagnosis of a Specific Learning Disorder. 


Children and Adolescents

We provide a safe and engaging environment where children and adolescents feel comfortable to share their feelings and develop tools to overcome difficulties. We use evidence-based therapies that suit the developmental needs of the child.

Families may visit us to...

guide behavioural concerns

improve emotion regulation skills

manage anxiety

learn play and social skills

improve self-esteem and confidence

address school refusal

cope with grief and loss

adjust to changes in family circumstances

address toileting or eating issues

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Parent and school/kindergarten

We work on supporting parents and educators to understand child and brain development, diagnosis and presentation of the child, functions of behaviours and collaborative problem solving underpinned by strong scientific evidence.